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Wordless Wednesday: looking at books

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report from the book shelf

i finally took the plunge and started the series!  i don’t know why i put it off for so long, of course i love it.  the castle intrigue is a tad complicated and i sometimes have trouble keeping the characters … Continue reading

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books i have been reading

i think i have mentioned before that i have a backlog of books on my kindle that i don’t really remember purchasing.  i feel like i am playing the lottery each time i pick one.  i have made a game … Continue reading

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reading in the dark

firstly, did they change my wordpress toolbar? i don’t think i can handle much more disruption in my online routines!  i am way too old for this. in order to get back into the routine of reading, i had to … Continue reading

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new books

i ended up really enjoying ‘broken for you.’  the characters really grew on me, and i always like a story with constantly evolving connections that the characters themselves aren’t always aware of.  this probably reflects my struggles with my mood, … Continue reading


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