report from the book shelf

i finally took the plunge and started the series!  i don’t know why i put it off for so long, of course i love it.  the castle intrigue is a tad complicated and i sometimes have trouble keeping the characters straight in my mind, but i spend a lot of my time wishing i was reading it!

now of course i really want to watch the hbo series as well!  i ended up deleting it off of our dvr thinking i would never get around to it.  maybe i can find some reruns playing in the dead of night that i can record 🙂

anyway, the book, it is great!  lots of twists and turns and never knowing who can be trusted.  i think some of the characters are better developed than others, but they have become interesting people to me and i am invested in their welfare!

i am thrilled that when i finish this first installment, i have four more to read!  and apparently he isn’t finished yet!  so hooray!!

anyone else read anything good over the holidays?

i received a few books as christmas gifts this year.  one sounds particularly intriguing.  my brother says it is the best book he read this year!  high praise.  the reviews sound wacky as all get out, and nick harkaway is the son of john le carre!  i’ll keep you guys posted.



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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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2 Responses to report from the book shelf

  1. I have been reading Diana Gabaldon’s last book in the Outlander series for months now, I obviously don’t focus well 🙂

  2. phrogmom says:

    it has been a crazy few months for you, so i think you are excused!
    how is the new novel? can i read it if i can’t really remember anything besides hot red headed men in kilts from the earlier novels?

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