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in mourning

the friends we have growing up have  so much influence on who we are as adults.  i can still remember the good times i had with my two best friends  from elementary school, and i can’t imagine surviving middle and … Continue reading

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Monster teaser

While I am waiting for xfailurefacex to finish his monster, here is a little teaser of mine. 

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A monstrous collaboration

  xfailurefacex and i have been chatting back and forth about doing a collaboration of monsters.  we thought a plush monster collaboration would be amazing, but hard to get going during this month of daily postings.  in an effort to … Continue reading

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Nervous hands

i was so anxious today i made potato soup and clover leaf rolls…from scratch.

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a grain silo

when she saw the grain silo, she inexplicably felt as if she was finally home. thank you to nobodysreadingme for the prompt.

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home school on the range

so, you have heard me say that this year i am homeschooling the kiddos.  i have not gone the formal “we sit at the table and work from 8:30 to 3:00 route.” the squirm is getting the most academic time. … Continue reading

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i have 57 days to read 24 books

i know a lot of blog readers are also book readers.  has anyone else pledged a “reading challenge” on goodreads?  well i pledged to read 45 books this year and i have only managed to log 21! can i claim … Continue reading

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Art journaling

I gleefully unwrapped a new blank book last week to kick off my art journal resolution.  I am a sucker for journals, and I have all sizes, shapes, and paper types.  I thought this one would be perfect, but when … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo is here!

well, november is upon us, and this is the time of year when i make my bravest effort to post every day for a month! why you might ask?  let me quote my dear rarasaur here: “NaBloPoMo is internet-speak for … Continue reading

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Succinct sunday

  Let the holiday cooking commence!

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