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a grain silo

when she saw the grain silo, she inexplicably felt as if she was finally home. thank you to nobodysreadingme for the prompt.

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home school on the range

so, you have heard me say that this year i am homeschooling the kiddos.  i have not gone the formal “we sit at the table and work from 8:30 to 3:00 route.” the squirm is getting the most academic time. … Continue reading

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A donut 

i haven’t been blogging about this, but the squirm is having a really hard school year.  all of the amazing progress he made last year somehow vanished over the summer and when school started i was back to having to … Continue reading

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Easy apple cobbler 

i want to share a recipe for a dessert that i frequently make on sunday afternoons, when my parents come to lunch.  it can be made with whatever fruits you have on hand.  since it is currently fall and apple … Continue reading

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mirror, mirror on the wall

happy international label day!  intrigued?  go visit my friend rarasaur for a more detailed description of what we are celebrating!  you might even see my labeled picture. <—– woman, mom, wife, artist, atheist, good-hearted, loyal, animal lover, shy, insomniac, curious, … Continue reading

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a few questions

Suzie over at Suzie81’s Blog has challenged readers to participate in an experiment by answering the following questions.  If you guys want to answer these questions too, that would be great, just link back to Suzie’s blog here. 1. Why … Continue reading

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