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i ended up really enjoying ‘broken for you.’  the characters really grew on me, and i always like a story with constantly evolving connections that the characters themselves aren’t always aware of.  this probably reflects my struggles with my mood, but i appreciated that tragedy was countered by redemption and that i didn’t have to go on worrying about the people in the book long after i put it down.

the next book i read was the final book in the hunger games series.  i actually put of starting this book, because i didn’t want the series to be over!  but of course my need to know what happened overcame my reluctance.  i really enjoyed this final chapter in the saga of katniss, it was interesting and exciting and i had trouble putting it down.  i think i will have to try the gregor the overlander series, just to stay with suzanne collins!

one problem with amassing books on a kindle, is that when you go to pick one, one (or me at least) can’t always remember which was which.  the descriptions are no longer there to peruse and the cover images are small (at least when you look through a list on your iphone in the dark).  when i picked this one, i didn’t actually remember it was the sequel to ‘bitten.’  i was pleasantly surprised to meet familiar characters once i started reading.  i haven’t finished this one, but i find this series to be ok.  entertaining, but not as gripping as some of the other supernatural sagas i have gotten myself hooked on.


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3 Responses to new books

  1. hakea says:

    You’ve got me intrigued about Broken For You. I’ll have to check it out… and Suzanne Collins.
    Thanks for these mini reviews.

    You might enjoy “the Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents” by Terry Pratchett for something a bit different? Pratchett is a prolific writer and more known for his Discworld series, of which I couldn;’t get past the first page despite numerous attempts, but I loved Maurice for its quirkiness. I think it’s written for sixth graders – some of the best books are written for sixth graders. I had to read a lot of them for a Children’s Literature subject I studied at uni, and I got hooked.

    Which brings me to the Inkheart series by Cornelia Funke, which was made into a movie. A brilliant concept of a storyteller who can ‘read’ people into the story he is reading, but the books drove me insane. Just when you want the story to conclude, it frustratingly and repeatedly takes you back into the middle, and previously told scenes of danger – unnecessary.

    Sounds like you are enjoying your reading!

    • phrogmom says:

      thank you for the ideas! it is really fun to discuss books online with another reader! my mom does a lot of reading, so i can chat with her, but she won’t do much supernatural stuff. mr p sticks to the classics.

      i read one book by terry pratchett (mort i think?) so i will look for the one you recommended. i did read the first book in the inkheart series. i liked the idea of it, but wasn’t sold enough to continue on. does it get better??

      • hakea says:

        No, it doesn’t get any better. You know how you read the book reviews on Amazon, and there are glowing reports and then there are the ones that say the book was terrible, and you have no idea which ones to believe, especially when there are 100 five stars and 10 one stars? Well, I think the bad reports for Inkheart are spot on, and some of them were written by astute young people. It needed to end at least 100 pages before it did, instead of all of the unnecessary repetition. It was like the movie Groundhog Day, it kept repeating itself and going back to the same scenarios. I skipped about 100 pages to get to the end, because it was too frustrating!

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