why the blog?

about three years ago i picked up and left houston with a car full of animals and art supplies.  i was burned out on teaching and thought i would try my hand at doing, instead of goading others into doing.  i spent a couple of years as the editor of a small town newspaper, met my dream man, got married in vegas, had two baby boys, and here i am.


i know there are a bazillion blogs out there, and i hesitated about starting one of my own.  i kind of stuttered, starting and abandoning blogs on a variety of blog sites, much like the stack of empty or mostly empty blank books on my shelf.

with the start of the new year, i felt like i really needed to focus on the changing the things in my life i had some control over.  one of those things is the connections i make with other people.  i spend a lot of time here in my small town, bemoaning the fact that i don’t have any friends.  well, maybe i don’t fit in here, but there is a whole world out there that is accessible through my trusty mac, and i am determined to find connections where i can!


20 Responses to why the blog?

  1. Dr. Skeptic says:

    why do you use feedburner when the wp.com subscription is so absolutely funtabulous? 😛 wanna be blog buddies?

  2. Jayne Amani says:

    Hey, Phrogmom! I’m so excited to have run across your blog! You wouldn’t believe this but I have a seven year-old named Milo and a nearly 2 year-old named Augie! We cloth diaper and I knit! I can’t wait to read your blog a bit but I should have left for the grocery store an hour ago. lol

    My little guys are red-heads, too.

    You can check out my very much neglected blog here: http://smileypomegranate.blogspot.com/

    • phrogmom says:

      Wow!! How did you find us? I did visit your blog and the blankets are beautiful. I like to think it is a year out of date because the shop took off and the way more than three orders a week have kept you too too busy :). Looking forward to hearing more about your Milo and augie!!

  3. Sue Landsman says:

    Ok…that’s an old web site. I spent ages building a new one and then have been too tired to post to it! I’ve just got to say I *love* that sock monster slug (or whatever it is – it looks like a slug). Do you sell those, or the patterns? I spent about a month last year crocheting sock monkey hats for my family.

    Did the whole cloth diapering thing…still knitting. Youngest kid is 8 now, and smelly 🙂

  4. rarasaur says:

    Hey!! If you’re still down for NaBloPoMo with us, if you want to do a YeahWrite guest post — I talked to Erica and she’d love to have you! You just need to let her know where to reach you and she’ll send you info. Just comment on their post, letting her know you’re game! 🙂 yeahwrite.me/kickoff-132/

  5. likeitiz says:

    Hello, Phrogmom! I joined Nano Poblano too, at Rara’s prodding. I haven’t been as consistent with posting (work and family commitments get in the way…) but it’s a start. Been reading some of you’re sets. Having a good time. Reminds me of the days my daughter was little. Now she’s all grown up.

  6. shreejacob says:

    Hello phrogmom!
    Thank you for dropping by and hitting the follow button! I’ve “seen” you on Rara’s blog too…
    I’m going to look around for a bit now 🙂

  7. BeWithUs says:

    Happy blogging and all the best to you!

    Do have a wonderful weekend ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

  8. bmj8 says:

    This is wonderful!
    I’m new to WordPress! Any new comments or pointers would be much appreciated!

  9. Eva says:

    Well, hello, there. Thanks for tagging along the site. I’m pleased to meet you.

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