Starting somewhere

can I begin again with a photograph a day and try to lean in?


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For those keeping track, I am breaking my silence to share some wonderful news! This might be the inspiration I need to get back to blogging. #rawrlove

Originally posted on The Monster in Your Closet:

After fifteen months behind bars, Rara steps–or has already stepped–through the gate to freedom and mamasaur hugs today. Her husband won’t be there to meet her, but she will be surrounded by love nevertheless: in person, unrestrained, unrestrainable love.

A couple weeks ago, she wrote, “I feel as if I must be dead to the internet[.] Who out there even knows of me after 438 days?”

I’d like to join @matticusdj and @Card_Castles in asking you to show a little #RawrLove today. Rara might not see your messages today, or even in the next few days; when she does, they’ll be a lovely reminder that she remained vibrant in this space despite her physical removal from it. She didn’t have to keep typing here to keep filling up hearts.

All the same, I can’t wait for her to get typing again.

It’s time. Finally, thankfully,

it’s time.

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the tooth fairy

big excitement this week!  the squirm lost one of his front teeth!  we lost two bottom teeth a year ago, but something about the snaggle-tooth grin seems more like a rite of passage.

the tooth IMG_3181fell out at school, which made it all the more festive.  the kids and teachers were gathered around cheering!  fortunately this tooth waited until i arrived to fall out, so i could be a part of the celebration!!

the second front tooth is loose!!  we might get another visit from the tooth fairy before too long.

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eek, a monster!

FullSizeRender hey good lookin’!  this handsome monster just wants to remind you that there is still time to donate to the fund raiser to buy ipads for the squirt’s school.  we are more than halfway there!

if you need the link again, click here:

thank you so much!!

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origami bear and raccoon, made by one of augie’s teachers.

hello lovely readers!  i am about to ask you for money, well, kind of.  many of you have heard me rave about the squirt’s amazing school.  i am constantly amazed by the dedication and caring shown by the faculty and staff.

i volunteer my time at the school quite a bit, and it is obvious that everyone there loves the kids they work with, and wants them to thrive.

one of the things the school has done to improve the quality of education the kids receive is to purchase an online curriculum to supplement the teaching the teachers are already doing.  many of the students at the school have developmental challenges that preclude them from using a traditional desktop computer/mouse set up.  for that reason, the school has chosen to purchase a curriculum that can easily be accessed on an iPad.

so, they need iPads for the classrooms.  my awesome office landlord runs a business that 20140124-125807.jpgrepairs and refurbishes iPads (and lots of other gadgets). he is able to get used iPads for the school at a significant discount. but fifteen iPads will still run about $1500, and the school is on too tight of a budget to spend that kind of money.

Another parent and i have started a gofundme for this fundraising effort.  so far we only have $40, and half of that is from me.  so here is what i want to do.  GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!

IMG_0717for each $5 donation,, you get your name in the hat one time.  donate ten bucks, get two entries, fifteen dollars gets you 3 entries and so on and so forth.  i’ll draw three names each week (until we reach our goal) and send those three people hand made (with love) sock monsters to enjoy!

i will do the first drawing on monday, november 10.  to enter, go to our gofundme page and make your donation. mention phrogmom in the comments so i know you came from here.  or let me know in the comments that you donated.  thank you so much for reading all of this, and for maybe thinking about donating!

much love!

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what i was gonna do

IMG_3052today i was going to blog  a super adorable post about the squirm’s accomplishments in kindergarten, and i will do that, but my day got derailed by cooties and ingenuity.

mr p and i have both enjoyed strep throat recently, and the squirt had some kind of nostril infection that required antibiotics.  so this morning, half way to austin, when the squirm started crying and saying he was sick and his throat hurt, i felt the honorable thing to do was turn the car around and head for home.  i would hate to responsible for starting an epidemic at capitol school.

upon our return home, the squirm was miraculously HEALED!  while i am, of course, relieved that we are not at this moment forcing pink bubblegum flavored medicine down his sweet little gullet, i admit to being a little peeved to have been played so effectively.

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Been gone so long

IMG_2957-1.JPGIt is hard to get going again, but I’m trying.

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unexcused absences

School Photo Shoot 271

photo by brandi field

i hope you will all forgive my extended on-line absence. i have been struggling quite a bit with my mental health, and one of these days i will write you all a long post about having a nervous breakdown, but i have to gird myself to face that first.

the squirt is actually doing really great, despite what this photo might imply.  i was more trying to illustrate how i have been feeling.  he is making great progress at william’s community school.  they tell me he is flying through his goals.  we have definitely seen more spoken words at home.  he still doesn’t like it when i show up at school at an unscheduled time.  next year i will have to hide when his turn for school pictures comes around.

the squirm is also off to a wonderful start.  he had no problems at all the first week of school, and his new teacher was really pleased and impressed.  cross your fingers for a super successful year! 


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The squirt helped me pack by getting everything out so we could inventory it.


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Get out on the highway!!!

Wait, that is something we do already…but finally it is time for our annual beach vacation!
I spent most of the day trying to find ways to avoid packing or cleaning, and I took the fur babies to the pet hotel.
To say they were reluctant might be an understatement.


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