Light it up

  I’ll be lighting it up gold on my radio show this week.  Yup, all songs or artists with gold in the name/title.  Come check it out Wednesday 4-6 pm cst.  Ten to midnight in the uk.  Feel free to put requests in the comments!

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rockin’ and rollin’

hello all!  i have great news!  i have been officially confirmed as a regen radio dj!  that means my show continues on weekly, and i can can sub for other dj’s who can’t make their usual slot!  yay!!

this week’s show was a little choppy for me.  i was feeling tired and having trouble focusing.  but it was a learning experience (as always) and i am excited about next week.

here is the link to this week’s show on sound cloud:


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this week’s show

hello all!  here is the link to this week’s radio show.  click here!

the link is accessible until this time next week, as i am only able to publish one week at a time without a paid sound cloud account.

does anyone high tech have any other ideas for how i can store the mp3’s online so that people can access them at their leisure?  i know there isn’t a huge demand for recorded radio shows, but i would still like people to be able to listen if they are interested!  i have a domain and webpage hosting, i just don’t really know how to work it……



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Snail mail

Anyone who has been reading along for a while knows that I have a warm fuzzy spot in my heart for real, old fashioned mail.  I always resolve to send more packages, postcards, and letters.

  I find that making the mail gives me an outlet (and an inspiration) to make art.  I think I’m one of those project driven people that has trouble just puttering.  I always long to do an art journal kind of thing, but never get going.
  P.S.  I’ll be on the radio this evening from 5-7 pm cst (it is 10-midnight if you are in the uk).

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Time change

Getting back on schedule after the time change and after spring break has been HARD!  We are on the verge of a huge change (more details to come) and it’s making it even harder for me to sleep peacefully.  

  Even the littles are dragging.  Both boys were ready for bed last night before we even asked…weird, right?

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Spinning bytes

I am so excited to mark something off my bucket list!   I’m a dj!!!

You can listen to me live on regen on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm cst.  And I’ll post the MP3 of my show here each week in case you need some tunes!  

Listen here for this week’s show!


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Succinct sunday

  Let the holiday cooking commence!

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A donut 

i haven’t been blogging about this, but the squirm is having a really hard school year.  all of the amazing progress he made last year somehow vanished over the summer and when school started i was back to having to drag him in the door kicking and screaming.

as much as i love his school, they aren’t really set up to handle behavior problems, and so i have been desperately casting about, trying to find something to help him.

it is amazing how our kids’ states of mind affect our own.  the squirm’s struggles have made me a basket case.  running all over town, seeing this professional and that, as much as it is the right thing to do, has not really helped either of us one bit.

so i added another thing to my list.  you know, the list of things you say you won’t ever do as a parent?  (i feel compelled to say that this is my personal list of things, and that i am not trying to criticize anyone else’s personal choices).  right after watch movies rated pg-13 (jurassic park), eat at mcdonalds more often than not (don’t say a word unless you have lived with kids with autism who eat only 4 things), i wrote: medicate my child.

apparently most medication is “off label” when you are dealing with a kid with autism and anxiety an20140615-174034-63634099.jpgd attention issues.  so the squirm has tolerated trials of medications and dosages.  since he isn’t good at discussing how he feels, i have had to try to observe any possible side effects and trouble shoot based on not much more than intuition.

too much medication and he stops eating, not enough and he flinches away from his classmates (all struggling with their own educational challenges), can’t pay attention in class, won’t participate or follow the teacher’s directions.  and i agonize over whether or not i am doing the right thing.

so when after a long and hard week, and a major meltdown at OT, the squirm said “i want a donut.  with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles,”  you can be damn sure i found him that donut.


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It’s been one of those days where I wish I could crawl under the bed and hide.

 The squirm makes it look like fun.

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Wordless Wednesday: action!


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