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i think i have mentioned before that i have a backlog of books on my kindle that i don’t really remember purchasing.  i feel like i am playing the lottery each time i pick one.  i have made a game out of trying to guess the genre and subject by looking at the thumbnail of the cover.

i had thought that this might actually be a kind of futuristic fantasy/sci fi thing, a guess probably colored by the types of books i tend to purchase, but it turned out to be a historical romance set on the coast of scotland.

have i admitted to you all that i have a weakness for scotland and men in kilts?  well, i might have one.  i probably would avoid any novel labeled as “romance,”  but i really enjoyed this book.  the romance was poignant and sweet (i actually teared up at one point while reading), but not overpowering or graphic.  i forget how much i love historical novels, with rich and exotic details from the past.

the narrator in this novel is in scotland working on a novel when she starts to “remember” the life of her very distant relative (the subject of the novel she is writing).  the book alternates between the present and the past in a way that kept me interested.  i was sad when the novel ended, so i felt compelled to seek out another book by the same author!

strangely, some of susanna kearsley’s novels are not available for kindle owners in the u.s.a., but i did find one. it was set in europe as well, cornwall i think?  it also incorporated a switch from past to present, but this time the narrator actually goes back in time (randomly).  it reminded me a little of the diana gaboldon books, because (somewhat predictably) the narrator falls for a man in the past….but how to stay with him???  fortunately tragedy is averted by moving away from the ley lines in the time of your choice!

i sound like i am poking fun, but i did enjoy the novel.  it wasn’t as rich in history as ‘winter sea,’ but it was entertaining and the characters likeable.

i am currently reading ‘caleb’s crossing,’ by geraldine brooks.  can you tell i was motivated to stay with the historical novel?  i LOVED her book ‘people of the book,’ and encourage everyone to check it out.

this novel takes place on martha’s vineyard in 1665…not the easiest of times.  so far i am enjoying it, full review later!


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2 Responses to books i have been reading

  1. Narelle says:

    all very interesting.

    i’m not sure i could get into the historical stuff.

    anxiously awaiting the release of the fourth book in the Eragon series…only a few days to go!

    • phrogmom says:

      i haven’t started the eragon series yet! but i should! i also want to start the series with game of thrones?

      just finished caleb’s crossing last night. full of tragedy, but it didn’t leave me depressed!

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