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owl swap, atc’s

i managed to get my act together to participate in another artist trading card swap.  this one was a direct exchange.  the way it is usually done is someone hosts a particular swap, everyone sends their cards to that person.  … Continue reading

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weekly photo challenge: morning again

serious, yet photogenic 🙂

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marathon of reading

after months and months of doing little or no reading, i feel like i have been devouring book lately like i have been starved! i am a little embarrassed to say that the book that got me back into reading … Continue reading

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baby steps

look at that excellent posture!  can you believe that little cutie is still unwilling (or unable) to walk!  the squirt is 18 months in a week, and he still doesn’t walk. i have been trying not to worry about it … Continue reading

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weekend fun

despite threats of stormy weather all weekend long (and nary a drop), we were able to enjoy plenty of outdoor fun. saturday we had the first pool party of the season.  i got a brand new swimsuit for the occasion! … Continue reading

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getting back on track with atc’s

you might recall me mentioning that one of my goals for the year was to get back into swapping artist trading cards?  well it took almost 6 months, but my first set are ready to mail out (and by ready … Continue reading

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how cool is this?  i grew this stuff!! and then i ate it!!!!  yum!!!

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playdate with poppa

so, wednesdays are super long days for me.  mr. p teaches piano after school and doesn’t get home until after 7.  it is usually fine for the first two hours, and then around 6-6:30 everyone goes wackado. sometimes on wednesdays … Continue reading

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home surgery

even the folks without young kids probably recognize this guy?  disney marketing is ruthless!  (usually, although where is all the cars merch when i need it??)  when toy story three came out, buzz lightyear was everywhere from the produce department, … Continue reading


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brotherly love

when i got pregnant with the squirt, the squirm was only 9 months old.  i spent most of the pregnancy feeling a little guilty about the huge betrayal i was going to perpetrate on the squirm. initially the squirm seemed … Continue reading

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