living off the land

wednesday night is casual dinner night around here, not that any night could be considered formal, but…mr p teaches piano late on wednesday, so i try to make something easy.

i decided at first to do a ham and cheese omelette, since we had leftover ham, but then got inspired to do a frittata instead (thank you alton brown!)

i have been wondering what to do with my mini broccoli florets.  it certainly isn’t enough for a stir fry, but i didn’t want them to go back (or get eaten) while i decided.  and what goes better with ham and cheese and eggs than fresh grown broccoli!

now, i don’t really consider myself to be wimpy when it comes to bugs.  i traipse around the yard in my bare feet.  but i have to say, the concentration of insect life on the broccoli was almost overwhelming to me.  there were little green caterpillars, which upon seeing, i totally remembered from picking broccoli with my poppa when i was a kid.  those things are hard to find amidst the flowers.

but there was another kind of bug too.  maybe some kind of ladybug?  i dunno. i will take a pic for you guys later and see if anyone recognizes it and knows if they are a positive or negative influence on a small garden plot.

i de-bugged my produce and  into the pan it went!  i tried to get a picture of its golden fluffy goodness while it was finishing in the oven, but my phone didn’t seem to like being plunged under the broiler.

the end result was tasty, but i will admit to being a little tense about the possibility of biting into one of those little green fuzzy guys that i might have missed.


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7 Responses to living off the land

  1. How do you effectively debug broccoli?

  2. E.C. says:

    The bugs are a problem when growing broccoli. It’s amazing how well camouflaged they are nestled down in the florets. We love broccoli and every few years try to grow it, but the bugs dampen the fun. I know how you feel. 🙂

  3. barb19 says:

    Consuming a few bugs wont do you any harm we’ve all probably eaten one at some time or other anyway, without realizing it!
    Soaking the broccoli in salted water is a good way to get rid of bugs.

  4. phrogmom says:

    thank you for the debugging tips ladies!

  5. kaet says:

    One tip I was given (mostly if you’re not sure if a floret is infected, rather than for getting rid of the bugs once you are) is to shake them hard (hitting a ball with a bat/racquet hard, but without hitting them on anything) over some white paper, so you can see what’s come flying out.

  6. Karyn @ kloppenmum says:

    Extra protein, eh? I think it’s a side-effect of eating real food: all those bugs. I do like the sound of the salted water…must try it.

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