art journal pages

it has been a while since i published some pictures of my art journal.  now, i have to admit that i have not been very good about working in it.  it seems to fall to the bottom of my to do list when things get hectic or stressful.

but, i am trying to restart with renewed vigor! *disclaimer*  these are all works in progress and shouldn’t be considered finished pieces.

as you can see, i have my work cut out for me!!

About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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16 Responses to art journal pages

  1. You do have your work cut out for you…and delightful work it is!

  2. April says:

    Love your art journal, Thank you for sharring!! I am doing the 21 secrets art journal playground from Dirty Footprints Studio. You should check it out, its so much fun and I am learning so many cool techniques!!!

  3. April says:

    😦 No not free, I wish LOL. I copy and pasted there info for you 🙂 Each teacher has videos and PDFs its so inspiring!!!

    21 SECRETS
    21 SECRETS is an online playground of Art Journaling techniques, approaches, and secrets facilitated by 21 different talented, inspiring, professional Artists and hosted by Dirty Footprints Studio.
    DATE: April 1, 2011- July 31, 2011
    REGISTRATION: March 14, 2011-May 31, 2011
    PRICE: $59
    PLACE: Private NING Network

  4. kaet says:

    Fabulous. I keep wanting to say, “I like that one best!” The problem is that it applies to all of them!

  5. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    I am so impressed with your art work, journal and photos! I really need to learn how to download mine and post them too.

  6. hakea says:

    great work phrogmom

    so many words! art journalling is a fantastic medium when used the way you do.

  7. E.C. says:

    Love your art journal it;s so fun. You are so clever and creative. Your artistic talents & heart shine through. 🙂 The envelope is adorable. 🙂

  8. Karyn @ kloppenmum says:

    Fabulous work and it looks like a lot of fun too!

  9. cocomino says:

    Very artistic and unique. 🙂

  10. milkcan says:

    They are absolutely gorgeous! Love what you’re working on! And thanks for signing up to Art Journal Every Day in May!

  11. Andria says:

    I love how you are using photos on your journal pages. I haven’t been doing that….waiting for some sort of Pogo printer to make it more convenient. But really there’s no reason I couldn’t just print them out on regular paper to incorporate them. I think you are inspiring me here!! I like how you use the envelope windows as a picture frame. I’ve been saving some of those on business envelopes I get in the mail. This gives me an idea of what to do with them!

    • phrogmom says:

      just be aware that inkjet prints are not water proof! so if you plan to paint over them, or under them (ie on the next page) you might need to seal it some how? that is one good thing about the envelopes….i take a bazillion pictures and realize i am never going to get them all scrapbooked or framed, so i have started using them in my journal!

      thank you for your feedback!!

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