i have 57 days to read 24 books

17675462i know a lot of blog readers are also book readers.  has anyone else pledged a “reading challenge” on goodreads?  well i pledged to read 45 books this year and i have only managed to log 21!

can i claim that some of them were audio books, and that it seems to take much longer to listen to someone else reading a book, than to read it yourself?  whatever my excuses, i need to get my booty on the ball and get reading!!

i am an omnivorous reader.  i read real books and ebooks, and i listen to audio books.  i never thought i would be an audio book person, but last year when we lived in austin, and i spent 3 hours a day driving in traffic, they totally saved my sanity.  now i have a few books that i just can’t imagine reading, rather than listening to.18007564

one of those books is the martian, by andy weir.   has anyone read this?  did you laugh out loud?  this is the first, and only, audio book that literally cracked me up.  i have been scared to watch the movie, because i loved the book so much.

8490112another series i loved listening to was the daughter of smoke and bone trilogy, by laini taylor.  something about listening to the books created the most warmly magical feeling in me (sort of like comfort food, but in a literary way?).  i was really sad to reach the end of the series.

i am currently listening to the raven boys, by maggie stiefvater.  the narrator does a great job, and his accent really transports me to rural virginia, where the novel takes place.  the tragedy is that i don’t have enough time in the car to get my fill!!  i might have to switch to actual text for the rest of the series, so i don’t have to wait!!

what fabulous books have you read, or listened to lately?  i am always looking for books to add to my “to read” list!




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12 Responses to i have 57 days to read 24 books

  1. CreativeMisfit says:

    haha good luck x

  2. redtail2013 says:

    Love to see what you are reading and what you love. Thanks.

  3. Cyn K says:

    I watched the film version of “The Martian,” and then listen to the audio book. I loved both. I’m mean, I could not shut up about how much I was enjoying the book while I was listening to it. Even knowing how it would end did not ruin the book. There are some interesting differences in how it was adapted as a film. I think you will find it enjoyable to compare the two.
    If you need other audio books, I recommend the Stephanie Plum series as read by Lorelai King, the works of Sarah Vowell (although she has a love or hate it voice), and Neil Gaiman’s “The Graveyard Book” read by a complete cast. I could go on, but I’ll stop for now.

  4. CreativeMisfit says:

    I have nominated you for the mystery blogger award.. :)(rules are on my page) i think your blog is really interesting and i enjoy reading your posts
    happy blogging

  5. Green Embers says:

    The Martian is in my top 5 books, I adore it. The movie is a very good adaptation, probably one of the best, but some of the color of the book is lost. Still very much worth watching!

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