throw away the key

happy thanksgiving to all my american readers!  this weeks twisted mix tape theme is things you could get busted for in real life.  sort of a strange choice for a holiday week, but there it is. i highly suggest you take a gander at jen’s post this week.  not only is there a good mix tape for you to listen to, she has a hilarious story to share!

this first one was suggested by mr p.  definitely the most creative story-line of the songs on this list.  i like a song about crime that features a sci fi twist!  rush’s red barchetta.

this one is in honor of lou reed, who passed away earlier this month.  heroin, by the velvet undergound.

this song by the ramones tells the story of a green beret who murders a prostitute.  the title, 53rd and 3rd, was apparently a well known location for males prostitutes to hang out.

the smiths purportedly wrote this song to incite a “rock revolution,” encouraging listeners to burn down the discos and hang the dj’s (something that would surely get you arrested, right?).  there are varying reports about what their intentions really were, but it is a good song anyway 🙂

and finally, speaking of protest and revolution, i had to include ohio, by csny.  i always felt this song was powerful, but i really connected with it when i spent two weeks at kent state for a journalism conference.  learning more about the history, and standing in the place it all went down, was really sobering.

all right, it is in the can!  happy holidays everyone!



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9 Responses to throw away the key

  1. wow! great stuff! CSNY, the ramones, the smiths, the velvets, rush…i love all of it!!!

  2. Dream says:

    You sure hit a lot of strong, fantastic songs in your mixtape this week. Love the Ramones, Rush, and VU picks!

  3. Love all the song picks, edgy! Great mix!

  4. DonettaS says:

    Fabulous song choices!! A couple I haven’t heard before and I love listening to any genre of music I’ve not listened to, which makes it new to me.

  5. Jen says:

    Oh yes! Panic!!! Love it! A totally unexpected addition. Thank you so much for playing this week 🙂

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