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holy macaroni!

i just realized i am over 300 followers on my blog now! i am stunned and humbled. thanks to everyone for following along! i am celebrating with a cup of coffee and a little chocolate! so cheers! and happy new … Continue reading

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Snowed under

I am still snowed under from holiday festivities and travel, but I am thinking of you all!

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Holiday baking

sand tarts…before.

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holiday cheer

despite the spin that people tend to put on the holidays, i think a lot of us spend the day feeling less that joyous, and maybe a little unfulfilled.  i know i always let myself get way too stressed about … Continue reading

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in the spirit of not only sharing the picturesque parts of life…this week sucked.  this is me <———, wanting to hide my face and not deal with it. 1.  the holidays.  no matter how little you celebrate them, there isn’t … Continue reading


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addicted to love

this week’s twisted mix tape tuesday topic is addicted to you.  i immediately start thinking about songs about the kind of love that crosses the line between passionate and obsessive.  i tend to think all love tends to the obsessive, … Continue reading

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baby it’s cold outside!

the weather in texas has been unusually cold. this means that we have all been rambling around INSIDE the house. that means i should really be cleaning instead of blogging, but i wanted to say hi!

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to do list for 2014, #1

this prompt emerged somewhere in the haze of nablopomo, and while i didn’t tackle it at the time, i have been thinking about it quite a bit.  i thought maybe if i posted it a little a time, it wouldn’t … Continue reading

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twisted christmas mix

as much as i enjoy parts of the holiday season, i am not sentimental about it by any means.  ok, except for the christmas specials.  i do have  serious sentimental patch for rudolph and the abominable snowman. and as much … Continue reading

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because my brain is still a little fried from the holiday and nablopomo, i thought i would steal an idea from my friend at not a punk rocker, who borrowed these questions from someone who borrowed these questions….if you are … Continue reading

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