back in the saddle

like many bloggers, i get on and off this horse quite a bit.  even some people i never thought would stop blogging have taken breaks, so though i miss them, i feel a little better.

so, i am starting easy.  cooking.  i live in a rural texas town, it is probably no surprise to many of you, that indian cuisine is not a local option.  as it is one of my favorite cuisines, i have always tried to make it myself.  one thing i have never dared before is a south indian dish called masala dosa.  you can get the recipe here.

i spend most of the day friday working on the actual dosa part (the pancake, made out of fermented dal and rice) and i don’t have any pictures.  today i made the filling, so that all i have to do at dinner time is make the pancakes and go!

the filling is made of potatoes, onions, and all kinds of yummy spices.  fortunately roger helped me with the task of peeling the potatoes.  i used my instant pot to cook them.  to do that i peeled and quartered them.  i added a cup of water to my instant pot, put the trivet inside, and placed the quartered potatoes on the trivet.  i cooked them at high pressure for 5 minutes and then did a quick pressure release.

while the potatoes are cooking, i sauteed the spices, the peppers and the onions.  the recipe called for carrots and peas and i don’t really like them, so i used cabbage instead.

when you add the tumeric, you get the lovely yellow color that most people associate with indian food or with curry.

because we don’t a grocery in town that carries more exotic ingredients, i ended up ordering my supplies from amazon.

so, my masala dosa filling is made and chillin’ in the fridge.  my pancake batter is returning to room temperature, and i am ready to make dinner when the time arrives.

img_0907i promise to add a post tomorrow that shows a photo of the finished meal!  and stay tune later this week when i will be trying chicken tikki masala.  desty at idlemusingsreviewsandrecipes and i will both be making it, and you can read about our different experiences.

do you have a favorite dish that you think i should try?


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