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we played a little game on a face book page i frequent.  we all posted pics of our babies, next to pictures of us at the same age.  since i am running around today like a zombie chicken with my … Continue reading

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new art journal technique!

so, the lovely mr p gave me this awesome book for mother’s day.  i LOVE picture books, especially pictures of journals, or artist trading cards, or collages, or photographs….well, you get the picture (ha!)  it is just inspiring to see … Continue reading

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running around like a zombie chicken

because zombie chickens can do magical things with their heads cut off, or so my friend at dark star burning thinks 🙂  in fact, although we have never met, i thought of her during our mother’s day trip to the … Continue reading

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teacher appreciation week

since this is my first year of “school,”  i never really know what i am supposed to do for holidays and things like teacher appreciation week.  i mean, when i was teaching i occasionally got gifts from my students, but … Continue reading

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ha, a loss for words

who would have thought it possible?? i just don’t really know what to write about….things are going fairly smoothly.  the squirm seems to like his new school and has really warmed up to the school bus.  this is somewhat surprising … Continue reading

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unusual table treatment

i realize that i am a little behind with the blog, but i thought i would do a quick post of unusual things the kids have been doing at the dining table. i guess the squirm was pooped on sunday … Continue reading

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oopsie daisy

it was a sunny warm afternoon, so of course it seemed like the perfect time to take the kids out to play in the backyard. it was also blowing a gale, so i wasn’t able to enjoy my fancy new … Continue reading

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round round get around, i get around

ok, last week’s photo challenge was one.  i am running a little behind, but do intend to get that published, but is it ok if i move on? seeing this amazing “round” picture on spirit lights the way really inspired … Continue reading

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yard pests

my dedication to organic yard vegetables is slowly eroding.  these guys are chowing down on my cabbage and broccoli and it is kind of pissing me off!  ok, it is really pissing me off.  i guess i need to search … Continue reading

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uh oh, a handmade snake!

it has been a while since i have been able to coerce the squirm into saying “uhoh, a naaaaake!”  i miss it, because it was really super cute!  fortunately he has replaced that saying with some other cute ones. it … Continue reading

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