bumps in the road


IMG_1143sometimes it seems that things are flowing smoothly, things falling into place, then BUMP! suddenly the squirm doesn’t want to go to school because he is “sick.” last week it was because the story of the week (little red riding hood) was too scary, and we were able to talk him through it and get him there. this morning, short of manhandling his shrieking body into the van, there was no reasoning with him. so here we are, home together. *sigh*


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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6 Responses to bumps in the road

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Poor squirm. Hugs to you both today, hopefully he feels ‘better” soon.

  2. Lydia Devadason says:

    Ah, that’s so hard, hope things sort themselves out – perhaps it’s just another one of these strange ‘phases’ kids go through?

  3. swo8 says:

    One of my sons was like that. He would leave for school on time and not arrive until he was late. He was a bit of a dreamer. I learned a lot from him.

  4. I wanted to stay home from school always…hugs to all!!

  5. hakea says:

    one of the young fellas i wrk with at school was having problems getting to school
    his mum and teacher couldn’t figure out why because he had been doing so well
    he told me about how he got home one day and his dog was missing. she had gone to the vet to get spayed but mum didn’t think to tell him. so, he didn’t want to go to school after that, worried that his dog might disappear again.

    kids are so sensitive and sometimes they have trouble telling us what is bothering them. i have worked with this young one before, and he knows that i don’t ask him questions about what he is thinking and feeling, so he is able to tell his story in his own time. but i have the luxury of time, free from trying to get him out the door and into class.

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