on the road again…and again…and again…

IMG_1023sorry, it has been quiet around here!  we have survived the first two weeks of our austin trek.  i have been seeing a lot of this. <————————

the good news is that the squirt is totally content to ride the bus, and the squirm doesn’t seem to mind the early commute into town.  in fact, the person in our household having the most trouble with the transition is mandy.

on the first day she ate a set of mini blinds, on the second day she busted through a double panned glass window and showed up at the neighbors bleeding.

IMG_1027so i have also been seeing a lot of this ——>

i don’t feel comfortable leaving her at home.  she is taking a medication for dogs who have separation anxiety, but i don’t really know how to know whether or not it is working.  it wasn’t so bad the first week, because the weather was cool and cloudy, but it is starting to really warm up, so i am nervous about leaving her in the car. IMG_1028

so i have been doing a lot of this.  <——————- so that i can keep her cool as it gets closer to noon and the temperature slowly climbs.

the squirm is really loving the capitol school!  i don’t have a sense of whether they think he will be accepted into their full day program.

of course i worry myself sick (even though i know i shouldn’t) whenever they tell me it was a less than perfect school day.

i joined the ymca in town and have been going to spinning and yoga classes.  i also found some yummy restaurants and a great coffee shop.

we are still in a holding pattern on the squirt and his potential school.  i do think they will accept him for summer and next fall.  they have set up an appointment to observe the squirt in his current classroom, and hopefully we will be visiting William’s Community School again soon to meet with the Kinder teacher.  more updates soon!




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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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