on my honor…

IMG_0862after the craziness of the last two weeks, i got a chance to relax a little and hang out with some local girl scouts.

some of you have heard me bemoan the fact that no girl kids means no girl scouts.  and no offense to the boy scouts out there, but girl scouts and boy scouts are two completely different animals.

fortunately my friend golden is a troop leader, and she invited me to get involved this past week.  the girls are designing and painting a garden mural this spring, and since i have done a few murals, she asked me to help out.

IMG_0864i was extremely impressed with these young ladies.  they all worked hard without a single complaint.  they were also amazingly polite.

we only got as far as the background, but i am looking forward to getting back together with the troop to finish up.

who knows, maybe i will get to be an honorary troop mom 🙂


was anyone else a girl scout?  i don’t remember loving it as a kid, probably because i was shy and feared the meetings, but i loved working at girl scout camp as a college student!


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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3 Responses to on my honor…

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    We did not have them in the rural area I grew up in, my to my mother’s dismay.

    I am glad you got to take part in the project!

  2. I was a Brownie for a year or two. It’s all very vague in my head. I’m not sure why I didn’t stay involved, but I ended up joining 4-H which took up a lot of my time.
    I’m glad you have a way to be involved!

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