our school saga, week 2

so it turns out that my sweet little squirm actually hit a teacher at his potential school.   this is something totally unprecedented, and i can only assume that maybe actually being engaged in school, and dealing with expectations instead of being ignored, might have led to frustration and lashing out.

it doesn’t help one bit that the squirm is OBSESSED with looney tunes, and quotes yosemite sam when he gets mad. “WHY YOU!!!”  but, the school was nice enough to give the squirm a second chance in their low ratio class.  there are only three kids in there, so the squirm gets a lot more attention and has less potential to feel lost or frustrated.

IMG_0854i actually think this new class is a better fit for him, and i think he did well this week.  there was only one “why you” and the teacher asked me for suggestions on how to handle it in the future, which i took positively.  the class is only four hours, instead of a full day, which helps logistically.

i brought the squirt with me on the first day, but then asked mr p to take him to his regular classes the rest of the week.  he seems happier when he stays in his routine, so we are going to try to have him take the school bus next week, so that both boys can get to their respective schools on time (assuming the squirm gets accepted).

so, i feel like my life is upside down (i had to quit my job and drop my class to get this far), but i have my fingers crossed we get good news.  unfortunately we may have to wait until monday to find out our fate.  but mr p’s parents will be here this weekend, so that will be a fun distraction.  and monday we are going to see a school that is designed for kids on the autism spectrum, to see if it might be a good fit for my little squirt.

thank you to all that have been thinking good thoughts for us through this process!!!


About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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2 Responses to our school saga, week 2

  1. suzie81 says:

    All the best for you and the squirt!

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Still sending your mojo and luck to get into the right situation and soon 🙂

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