school adventures day 3, and day 4 (waiting)

IMG_0847well, by day 3 my co-pilot was way tired of camping out in the car, so we decided on marathon driving instead.  6 hours of driving for 3 hours at home…but the squirt was happier.

i didn’t get a great feeling when i picked the squirt up on thursday, and i was hoping for at least a hint of the results of the trial.  i was afraid to go with my gut feeling (that something had gone wrong) out of fear that i was just projecting my own doubts and fears onto everyone’s body language.

friday was a looooong day, and i didn’t really feel well.  i did work at the shelter, which felt surprisingly comforting and familiar.  and then i waited for the phone to ring.  i ended up skipping my first class, partially due to watching the phone, partially due to feeling bad, but felt compelled to attend the second meeting at the humane society.

of course my call came 10 minutes into class and went straight to voice mail.  i made the mistake of listening to it on a break because it wasn’t good news.  the squirm had shown some aggression during his visit and they didn’t think they could meet his needs in that classroom.  we’ll talk more about it monday morning…gah!!!!!


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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One Response to school adventures day 3, and day 4 (waiting)

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Yikes! Something has got to come around, right?

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