big changes on the horizon (maybe?)

wile-e-coyotethis is going to be a story in several parts, because it is just too long to type in one post!

you have read me complain about the experience we are having with the public school system where we live.

not only did the squirm’s kindergarten teacher leave mid year, the speech therapist did too.  and apparently his special ed case manager has been gone for months, and no one bothered to tell me.

this isn’t all bad, his new kindergarten teacher is doing a great job, although i am not sure she can overcome all of the negative lessons that the squirm learned last semester.  apparently his former teacher and his classmates all had the attitude that he was completely non-verbal, and didn’t expect him to participate in any way in the classroom.  there is a herd of girls that wait on him hand and foot and he was never called on or expected to perform academically.

just writing about it makes my blood boil.  i am surprised he has learned anything at all this year.  needless to say, all of this prompted me to look into other educational opportunities for the boys.

in asking around and searching online, i found a school called the capitol school.  it is a school specifically designed for kids with language delays.

i dragged my step-mom into town with me to visit the school and we both fell in love.   small classes, warm environment, conspicuous lack of aba (that is a topic for another post).  we observed a few classes and our impression is that it is a perfect fit for the squirm, but a little bit of a stretch for the squirt.  we didn’t observe any students who were as non-verbal as the squirt.  and, while the school does have students who are on the autism spectrum, it isn’t a school specifically for kids with autism (which is really fine with me).

we chatted for a few minutes with the director about the kids and about our concerns for the squirt, and she said that she might be willing to give it a go in their low ratio class for the remainder of the school year, so they could see how he might do in their pre-k class next fall.

so we left our applications and drove home super excited and fingers and toes crossed.

two weeks went by, and i was starting to worry that they were looking for a nice way to let us down easy.  the only evaluations i had to give them are from our public school, and they aren’t flattering.  i am not even sure they are accurate.  when i met with one evaluator from the “autism team” last week, he said “i have never even heard [the squirm] talk.”  i am not so excited that the people evaluating my kids don’t know them AT ALL!  anyway, i was worried.  and i was compulsively checking my email and voice mail.

darn verizon (or my phone) let me down!  i got a voice mail yesterday that pushed through a voice mail from WEDNESDAY that i had never received.  it was the school calling to set up a time for the kids to visit!  i immediately called and left a voice mail with the school explaining the delay in my response and stating that of course we want to visit!

to be continued…





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6 Responses to big changes on the horizon (maybe?)

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Oh, fingers crossed!

  2. konchk says:

    I wish you the best of luck! I don’t blame you for being worried with strangers evaluating your kids. Also, I love the little images you add 🙂 Makes me LOL

  3. Rose says:

    Wishing you the best of luck…fingers and toes and eyes crossed!

  4. shreejacob says:

    Hmm…it’s like the education systems are failing quite terribly all over. I do hope that this story has a good ending! 🙂

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