feeling self sufficient

IMG_0546you guys know i love to try my hand at making stuff.  in the past i have made both soap, and laundry detergent.  i took it to another level this week and made the soap to use in my handmade laundry detergent!

the benefits to make the soap myself are that it has very few ingredients (coconut oil, ,lye and water), wasn’t expensive (i used dr bronner’s before, which i love, but was expensive), and i was able to choose my scent (i did lemon and lavender).

because it isn’t designed to moisturize, it is very dry and easy to grate up.  and it smells awesome.  IMG_0547i processed it through the ninja to make sure it was uniformly grated up, then mixed it with borax, washing soda, some oxygen bleach, and a little epsom salt in a giant bucket.  voila, almost 3 gallons of nice detergent ready to go!

because this fall was so hectic, i was behind on making detergent, and went back to store-bought.  i don’t know that this is related, but as soon as the weather turned cold and dry, the squirt’s skin took a nasty turn for the worse (eliminating soy flour from his diet had been keeping his eczema at bay!).  i know that he struggles with dry skin, but wow it was a mess.  we have been keeping him well moisturized and i am hoping that going back to the gentler washing powder will help keep things calm.  it must be maddening to be so itchy!


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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5 Responses to feeling self sufficient

  1. dawnkealing says:

    Awesome !!! I would love to learn more about things to make me more self sufficient!! I currently have been focusing mostly on ways to eat unprocessed foods, unless processed by myself. This will be my next step! 🙂

    • phrogmom says:

      What are you planning to process? I keep trying to make my own bread, but I’m not that good at it!

      • dawnkealing says:

        I haven’t really put a lot of thought into making my own laundry soap or anything like that. I never knew how and thought it would be really hard. 😛

      • phrogmom says:

        Soap can be tricky because it involves lots of measuring and involves lye, which is dangerous. Laundry detergent is less precise and doesn’t require any safety equipment :). You should try it! Pinterest has lots of recipes!

      • dawnkealing says:

        Thank you very much!! 🙂 I’ll definitely take a look at some recipes! I am always into learning something new! 🙂

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