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twisted mixtape # 43, lifted up

this week’s mix tape assignment is to make a mix for a friend who is feeling down.  i have to admit to being of two minds about this.  pick perky songs that can’t help but get the feet tapping and … Continue reading

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What I ate

a picture is worth a thousand words right? This is what I had for dinner. In the curry’s defense, mr p liked it. He even wanted the leftovers for his lunch tomorrow.

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hmmm, not sure this meal is a success

i am attempting to craft a thai green curry in my crockpot, but despite heaping the pot full of fresh eggplant, coconut milk, and green curry paste…i am not feeling overly confident. for starters, it isn’t really green. I’ll have … Continue reading

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Monsters on the road

A few monsters hit the road today for distant lands. They got a late start, but I know they are looking forward to meeting new friends and having new adventures!

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budding intellectual

you know, just hanging out, drinking some apple juice, reading some plato.  what do you guys do on friday nights?

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Going au naturale?

Anyone else suffer from major insomnia, I feel like I have been fighting it for years now and not winning many battles. I’ve tried ambien (I am wiped out at first, but wake in the middle of the night), ambien … Continue reading

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Working on some embellished mail

I thought I would share a quick picture of an envelope I decorated today. I am slowly getting my thank you notes out for Christmas and did this envelope for my mother-in-law. It is mr. P with the squirt.

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new years resolutions, part 2

i have to admit that so far i have not managed to make any progress towards my first resolution, but i have made a few strides toward the second. new years resolution 2 is to wear eyeliner and mascara. not … Continue reading

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My phone is possessed by Dali

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feeling self sufficient

you guys know i love to try my hand at making stuff.  in the past i have made both soap, and laundry detergent.  i took it to another level this week and made the soap to use in my handmade … Continue reading

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