holiday cheer

despite the spin that people tend to put on the holidays, i think a lot of us spend the day feeling less that joyous, and maybe a little unfulfilled.  i know i always let myself get way too stressed about meals and get-togethers.  i am working on that “people pleasing” part of my personality with my therapist, but i definitely haven’t mastered putting my needs/desires first.

the awesome rarasaur just posted a post that i wanted to re-post, but couldn’t seem to find the magic button, and thus you find me paraphrasing it here.  if you want to read her original post, click here.

the gist of it is, if you are interested in a little companionship on christmas, you should head over to company for christmas.  there will be various bloggers from around the sphere spending time there providing a little non-secular chatter to lift your spirits.  or if you are having a fabulous day, you should head over to spread a little cheer!  i know i plan to stop by, regardless of my mood.

just remember that these folks are not professional therapists.  if you find yourself in need of professional help over the holidays, please don’t hesitate to call 911 or your local crisis hotline.

i hope everyone is hanging in there!!  xoxo



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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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