twisted christmas mix

as much as i enjoy parts of the holiday season, i am not sentimental about it by any means.  ok, except for the christmas specials.  i do have  serious sentimental patch for rudolph and the abominable snowman.

and as much as i appreciate a good performance of the nutcracker or handel’s messiah, you don’t usually catch me listening to christmas music voluntarily.  but, as i have admitted before, i LOVE covers.  so, guess what, except for this first song, my list is all covers!!  yay!!!

i am not exactly sure why this song had such an impact on my formative years, but i remember listening to this record (yes, on vinyl) over and over again.  looking for my favorite musicians in the group shot on the cover, and memorizing all the words.  those of you who have been alive long enough can enjoy seeing some of your favorite musicians (bono, sting, phil collins) looking extremely young.  cheers to my 14-year-old self!

first up, a classic covering a classic.  erasure singing silent night.

a cover by one of my favorite rocker chicks!  do you wanna touch?  yeah!

this one is bound to get you dancing!  oi to the world, by no doubt.  another very cool rocker chick!

and to leave you with a more traditional christmas song (sung by a cool rocker chick).  silent night, sung by stevie nicks.

compiling this list actually got me a little in the christmas spirit!  even though it is 80 degrees here right now!

visit the twisted mix tape blog here to play along!

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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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4 Responses to twisted christmas mix

  1. Jen says:

    Loved this list! Do you know that Erasure song is free on Amazon’s 25 days of free Christmas Music right now? If you don’t have it.
    This is an awesome rocking list! Thank you so much!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Just stopped by from #Twisted Mix Tape to check out your choices. I only have ever heard the first one. No Doubt’s is hilarious! I wasn’t even sure it was a Christmas song at first. Thanks for furthering my music ed!

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