who’s cheating who?

it is time for another weekly installment of twisted mix-tape tuesday!

this week’s theme is cheating songs.  not a topic i think about a whole lot, but i was able to find quite a few songs from my childhood that fit the bill.

this is the only contemporary offering on my list this week.  but it still fits right in with the rest of the group.  ‘the other shoe,’ by the old 97’s, was the first song that popped into my head last week when i was thinking about songs that tell a story.  but when i realized that this week’s theme was cheating, i knew i had to save it.  i couldn’t find a good video of the old 97’s singing it, but i did find this crazy cover of waylon jennings doing it.

this is a song off of one of the first records i owned.  actually, a lot of my early music influenced this list. i listened to it over and over and over.  i am kind of embarrassed for my 8-year-old self…

this one is just plain silly, but i have a nostalgic attachment to it.  my best friend in elementary school and i used to choreograph dances to this song on the weekends.

how can a list of cheatin’ songs be complete without dolly parton?  the best part of this video has to be the clothes.

and i tried to resist, but i just…couldn’t…do it.  going out with a bang with the man in black.


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17 Responses to who’s cheating who?

  1. Dream says:

    I just made a comment about running across songs we didn’t know were covers and here I find that Who’s Cheating Who had an original before the Alan Jackson hit. Great call on the Johnny Cash!

  2. Jolene is NOT a woman I would want to meet….scary for any woman in a relationship!!!

  3. oh – johnny cash!! good one! even a little barry in there to satiate my inner fanilow. 😉

  4. findingninee says:

    I LOVE The Long Black Veil. When I was a kid, we actually sang that song at summer camp and I had no idea what it was about! Ha.

  5. Jen says:

    OK, can I just say that my best friend and I used to choreograph dances to Barry Manilow ALL THE TIME! Yea! Also, SO LOVE THIS LIST! So many songs I didn’t even think of! With the exception of Jolene, none of them were on my radar for this week. I love that! Thank you so much for coming back again!! PS do you have twitter? It’s how I share everyone’s posts.

  6. Love Jolene although I only know it from an episode of American Dad. Something I should not be so proud to admit.

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