ah, the kids are both in school and i have a morning off from work. it is time to catch up on a few of my televised guilty pleasures. i don’t have much time to watch adult tv, so there aren’t many shows i watch. i am current on only three shows: bones, project runway, and walking dead.

i never thought i would enjoy the walking dead, but darn it if i didn’t get a little bit over my zombie phobia and get hooked. it helps that they are somewhat slow zombies. slow zombies i can handle, it is the really fast zombies that really terrify me.


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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5 Responses to brains…

  1. I’m not into the whole zombie thing, but we did watch “World War Z” last night. It was good, but it reminded me why I don’t watch zombie movies-I’m such a scaredy cat.

  2. Rose says:

    I’m not much for zombies but have watched a few episodes of “The Walking Dead.” I liked it, but the boyfriend didn’t, so I rarely get a chance to watch it. Boo!

  3. Angela Death says:

    You have extremely eclectic taste in television shows… 🙂

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