happy halloween!



arrrrrrr matey, it’s time to walk the plank!

i have to write out a big congratulations to the squirm who went trick or treating for the first time last night!!  i probably could have been better prepared with a social story to explain the process, but he was fearless and friendly and an all around good sport!

i am never sure whether he will be up for it, so i didn’t invest much time and effort into creating a costume that we might or might not wear.  i did think about it a lot though, so i was ready to throw a few things together when the time came.

he was THRILLED to be a pirate!  so much so that taking off the pirate clothes to take a bath proved very distressing.  but we got our hat and pirate sash back on with our pj’s and all was right with the world.

want to hear something amazing about my kids?  we got home with a big bag of candy and he didn’t eat a bite.  i wish i could say that it is due to some mad parenting skills on my part, but really my kids just don’t care about candy (except in the squirm’s case, he will go a bit nuts for a red sucker).


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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5 Responses to happy halloween!

  1. I just about exploded with Awww at that huge hat!

  2. rarasaur says:

    The hat is phenomenal! I wouldn’t have wanted to give up the outfit either! 😀

  3. Cute costume!
    It rained here, and since my little guy just finished a round of antibiotics, I used that as an excuse to skip trick or treating. Like yours, my guy isn’t very interested in candy. I think by next year he’ll be ready to give Halloween a try.

  4. Angela Death says:

    Awesome costume! And don’t sell yourself short, the reason your kids don’t like candy is probably because you did something right. Perhaps you didn’t make a big issue out of candy with them? Or perhaps you offer them things that they like better? No matter how, that’s a pretty amazing feat with children. Great job!

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