quick catch up!

IMG_7667 IMG_7695ok, wow.  i  leapt into my new life activities with both feet!  starting work at the shelter has made me realize that working with animals could be my true calling.  in that vein i decided to start working towards becoming a certified veterinary technician.  essentially an animal nurse.  i am taking my first class this semester at austin community college.  can you guess the subject?  yep, medical terminology.  that giant stack of flash cards is just the word roots from the first unit.

i still love working at the shelter.  i am finding that i get attached the dogs that live there, but i don’t think that was unexpected.  i really enjoy spending time with the dogs, and getting some fresh air and exercise.

the kids are settling into school.  the squirt continues to amaze me with his stubbornness.

IMG_7671because he will only eat chicken nuggets, i made copycat nuggets (chicken in the blender to make them feel processed) with no icky ingredients.  would he eat them?  absolutely not.

IMG_7665here is the squirm’s portrait of the squirt.  i just love the drawing so much that i had to share it.

so that is me, completely exhausted, but inspired.  how is everyone else?



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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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3 Responses to quick catch up!

  1. So glad that the job’s going so well. I went down the exact same path ( working at a shelter..then on to vet tech qualifications… and then..BAM.. I developed asthma and became allergic to all furry critters. Go figure. ) and loved it too.
    You have my sympathies on the chicken nuggets issue, I have the same problem with my insanely stubborn 7 yr old who’s be practically living solely on cucumber, potato balls and chicken “sticks” for the last 2 years..
    And the pic…. adorable. Laminate it ans keep it always x

  2. hakea says:

    Great to hear you are doing so well. You are a natural with animals, so patient and kind.

    Love that drawing!

    The homemade chicken nuggets sound fab. My kids love my homemade chicken nuggets, but they don’t have the sensory issues your kids have. I do have a fussy eater though, my youngest, and he can be SO frustrating. I found that having a back-up meal worked. There’s a good blog post here by two paediatricians http://twopedsinapod.com/2013/08/21/feeding-picky-eaters.aspx

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