blazing new trails

some of you know that this past week i went back to work (outside the home, we all know being a mom is a lot more work than work) for the first time in 5 1/2 years.  i got a part-time job at the spca shelter in town as a shelter assistant.

IMG_7540i expected to like it, but i really love it.  why did i spend so many years working with humans, when working with dogs is clearly the better path?

the property that houses the shelter is beautiful, with mowed paths for walking.  the dogs have huge enclosures with dog houses and troughs for swimming.

people keep asking me if it will be hard for me to avoid taking all the dogs home (i totally want to take this fluffy black and white pooch home, because i love him so much).  it is a no-kill shelter, so it helps a lot that these dogs are not in imminent peril.  i am not judging shelters that must euthanize.  i understand that with the current overpopulation issues, it just isn’t feasible to support all of the homeless dogs (even though i wish there was a way).  i just don’t think i could be around that situation and not feel compelled to rescue any dog with a death sentence.  mr p is understanding about my love for animals, but i can only push him so far.

the dogs where i work are treated very well.  all of the staff and volunteers show an IMG_7548amazing amount of consideration for the animals’ comfort and well-being.  yesterday i was working with a newly rescued fellow named digger.  he wasn’t too gung-ho about eating his breakfast, probably nerves from the recent rescue.  my boss suggested i spend a few minutes sitting with him in his enclosure to see if he would eat from my hand.  i just love being around people with this high level of compassion for animals.

a positive side benefit of the job is that it comes with a fitness package.  according to runkeeper i walked 8.4 miles last week (and two of the three days we had lots of manpower and not so many dogs) and burned 881 calories.  next week we will have a full house all week and i am working 4 days.  i predict i will walk 16 miles next week.  i’ll let you know if that is the case.

IMG_7528another nice thing is that i have about 30 minutes to spare between school drop off and the start of work.  i have been taking the time to have breakfast and do a little doodling.  it is nice to have a few minutes to relax and refuel!


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One Response to blazing new trails

  1. hakea says:

    It’s all falling into place – how wonderful.

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