finished little green monster

finished little green monster

just a little closure. i finished my little green monster and shipped her off to her new family. she seemed so full of personality and flair that i made her a purple tutu. it is possible that i secretly want a tutu myself, and i might be projecting…

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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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1 Response to finished little green monster

  1. Hakea says:

    Why not make yourself a tutu? Even if you only wear it at home.

    My stepdaughter made a tutu for one of my boys years ago. He loved watching ballet on the TV. He wore it until he realised one day that boys don’t wear tutus in ballet. Darn! I’ve just realised that I never got any photos.

    I’m going elven. We went to a medieval festival on the weekend. It was wonderful! People were dressed in the most amazing costumes. I wish that ‘real life’ was like that. People walking down the street dressed as vikings, princesses, time travellers. Oh, how much fun it would be.

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