i did it!

IMG_5243i have no doubt that pioneer women would think i had gone off my rocker if they had seen me today.  but i am extremely tickled with myself because i made soap!

i have been collecting my supplies for a while, but i was hesitant to take the plunge.  partly because the idea of using lye scares me a little, and partially because the recipes for  soap look a lot like math.


this morning i finally took the plunge and got out my scale (is there anything the postal IMG_5253scale can’t do?) and supplies and made a batch of soap!

IMG_5250i used frozen coconut milk instead of water, for extra skin benefits.  and i used olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil.  in honor of mr p, i made this first batch peppermint scented.

i pushed my stick blender to its limits, but ended up with a creamy, smooth soap with an invigorating scent!  now i just have to be patient.  i can’t cut it for 24 hours, and then it has to cure for four weeks!

of course i used the appropriate safety gear!





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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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