keeping in motion

i have posted several times about putting a little bit more of an emphasis on self-care into my schedule, and i just wanted to update you on how that is going.

IMG_4721so far this week i have walked 10.5 miles (and it is only thursday).  that means that i have spent 2 hours and 43 minutes exercising.  i gave up sodas over a month ago and have been trying to eat healthier.  my friend unicus here has been getting into the marshmallows, but i have been trying to eat a lot more fruit and veggies.

IMG_5168i have been spending so much time pounding the pavement, that i am even thinking of getting a second pair of work out shoes, so i can alternate them.

my goal for next week is to try to replace a couple of my walks with lap swimming, for a more full-bodied work out experience.

thumbs up to any of my readers who are working on taking better care of themselves!


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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2 Responses to keeping in motion

  1. Narelle Smith says:

    My kids want to know if the US uses metres and kilometres. I said that I thought you still use miles, but I think the US miles are different to UK miles. Then my kids said that they think you use both miles and meters. Then I said it would be too tricky to have two different systems. We then got into a discussion about whether the UK still uses miles.

    So, as you can see, a whole lot of guessing going on. Would you please enlighten us?

    • phrogmom says:

      We use feet and miles for most things. They seem to use meters in sports, like swimming or track and field, but that might be because they compete internationally. Our rulers usually have inches on one side and centimeters on the other.

      We also usually use pounds and ounces for weights. But strangely when I take the kids in for their annual check ups, they measure them in kilograms.

      I am not sure what they do in the uk. I wonder what they use in Canada.

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