naturally curly hair

CURLY GIRL cvr mech4.inddhow many of my readers have curly hair?  did everyone hate it when they were growing up?  have you embraced it now?  or do you spend an hour each morning ironing it out?

i don’t really remember hating my hair growing up, and since i am a no make-up, no hair products kind of girl, i have never straightened.  did i embrace it?  hard to say.

ClickHandler-4i think most people walk around thinking that curly hair is easy.  oh just wash it and go and you look like a movie star all day!  sadly, no….it seems like the wrong cleaning routine, drying routine or hairstylist can leave a lady’s curls limp and lifeless or frizzled to the max.

sadly, to have movie star worthy curly hair, unless you are lucky or a little kid (the squirm has the best curls with no fuss whatsoever) you have to do a little work.

i have been going back and forth with (sham)poo or no (sham)poo.  scrubbing the scalp with a paste made of baking soda and water, then rinsing with diluted apple cider vinegar, does leave the hair beautifully soft, but lets face it, it is kind of messy to deploy in the shower.

IMG_3900i read up a little more on curly hair management on mama mandolin’s blog.  she recommends only shampooing once a week (with a shampoo that does not contain sulfates) and just rinsing the hair on the days in between.  she also recommends drying hair with an old t-shirt or pillowcase, rather than a towel.

i found that just rinsing left my hair feeling weird.  kind of greasy, almost like there was a residue?  but using a t-shirt instead of a towel is going great, and it makes a great turban.

when i first discovered the curly girl handbook, it suggested skipping the shampoo and using conditioner only.  i don’t know how this is much different from just rinsing, but for some reason my hair seems MUCH happier with this method.

most of what i have read suggests following up with a variety of “product.”  at this point, i can’t go there.  the crunchy side of me much prefers subtracting possible toxins (in the shampoo) vs adding even more who knows what…now if i could just figure out how to make my own conditioner….


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One Response to naturally curly hair

  1. hakea says:

    I can’t talk about curly hair. mine is fine and straight. But I can talk about no shampoo because I have been experimenting with this.

    I have never washed my kid’s hair with shampoo or conditioner. Never. They have clean, shiny, healthy hair. My eldest is 11 and is a sporty kid, gets very sweaty, and he just washes his hair under the shower with warm water. No problem. I don’t know how it will go when the boys are adolescents.

    I have experimented for myself with various no shampoo methods (wo, co, bs & acv, coconut oil). Having shampooed all my life it’s difficult to get the balance right now. Apple cider vinegar leaves my hair very dry. So, at the moment I’ve settled for baking soda for my scalp and conditioner for the ends. I make up a few teaspoons of baking soda in a litre bottle of water and that lasts about four washes.

    There’s a facebook group called “No Poo (no shampoo)” that you can join and discuss options.

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