c is for cookie

567042_10200271239564498_1711555124_osomeone in my house is a cookie monster!  ok, in truth, there might be more than one.

over the holidays, the squirm was introduced to the fun of decorating, and then eating, sugar cookies.  this has sent me on a mini quest for the best sugar cookie recipe.

the variation in recipes is really amazing, and sometimes they call for things i don’t even have in my pantry.

in honor of school being back in session, i made a few cookies for the squirm yesterday afternoon.  i used a recipe posted by that skinny chick can bake.  the main difference in this recipe was the addition of cream cheese.  i happened to have some lurking around in the fridge, so i gave them a go.

IMG_3821the original blog post suggest that these cookies be iced, but i was feeling lazy and didn’t mix up the butter cream.  the cookies have a really smooth, rich texture, but aren’t super sweet.  i think adding the icing would have really made a difference.  i have half of my dough left in the freezer, so this post might have a part 2.

the squirm thought they were “delicious,” and the phrogmom might have eaten a few too!


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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4 Responses to c is for cookie

  1. ashknits says:

    My mom has an awesome sugar cookie recipe. I should have her send it to you.

  2. hakea says:

    I had to google what a sugar cookie is. They seem to have similar ingredients to short bread biscuits but they look a bit different, more sugar-y?

    I love cookies, in all their varieties. They are definitely my weakness. The ultimate comfort food, with or without a cuppa!

    • phrogmom says:

      it is kind of funny that there are so many differences between our countries, when we both technically speak english. sugar cookies are generally more spongy…moist? than shortbread. although the recipes i have tried definitely yield a range of tastes and textures. i think the shortbread types are my favorite.

      we tried our left over cookie dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and the cookie monster says “yum, delicious oval cookies!”

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