so we thought it would be a great idea to sign up the squirm up for soccer this year.  he is full of energy and pretty good at kicking the soccer ball!  i guess i had concerns that he might struggle a little, but i hope his enthusiasm might help overcome the challenges.

the first practice was not so great.  it was 103 degrees when practice started, so hot and tired was a factor.  our couch, who seems sweet, is young and inexperienced and is going to have to work on her  4 year old kid wrangling skills.  while the squirm looked extremely cool in his high socks and shin guards, he wasn’t really able to understand the directions, and spent a lot of the practice hanging on to mr p.

the squirt was having his own fun, running onto the other fields and arranging all of their practice balls into straight lines.  i don’t think they were impressed.

i think we will try to stick it out next week, but if the squirm still seems uninterested, we might have to postpone his soccer career until next fall.  the good news is that a cold (for texas) front is supposed to arrive today and next week’s highs should only be in the 90’s!  woohoooo!


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4 Responses to soccer!

  1. Carol Muegge says:

    All 4 yr. olds playing soccer are unorganized. They are like a covey of quail running up and down the field! I’ve sat through quite a few “exciting” games. I love the visual of Augie taking the balls and lining them up! Sounds like a little engineer.

  2. tree girl says:

    It’s hard to know when to persist and when to move on. There’s plenty of time.

    I see plenty of 4 and 5 year olds who are miserable on the soccer field.

    As long as he is happy and making small gains.

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