play for all abilities park

we discovered a new park this weekend!  it was a little bit of a trek, but certainly worth it.  the kids loved the place!

the play for all abilities park is located in round rock (outside of austin),  you can find a map here.

this park is amazing!  i wish every county could come together and build a park like this for its residents!  i know a lot of families in and around marble falls would benefit from such a park!

the squirt, who is a little reserved at parks, especially loved the large swings and the sand box. and he had a lot of fun drumming in the “rock band pod.”

the squirm, a little more of a park afficianado, ran to and fro with glee, checking out all of the park’s offerings.

we will definitely go again, when the weather cools down a little and we can spend more time outside.  the boys would have liked to stay all day, but were so red in the face from the heat, that we felt compelled to seek shade and air conditioning.


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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