the tater tot queen

it’s been an exhausting week.  the start of school, added to our already intense schedule of therapies and lab tests, has put me over the edge to zombie mom.

poor squirt had to enjoy an xray of his sinus cavities this week.  the doctor (in austin) was nice enough to fax our orders to a somewhat local hospital, saving us three hours on the road.  while the hospital staff was very kind, it was clear that they had not had sufficient training on dealing with autistic/non verbal kids.

i would be shocked if they actually took a useable xray.  fortunately the lady who was called in to help me hold the squirm still (not possible) didn’t want too much bonus radiation, so they didn’t make too many attempts.

what, you may ask, is the balm for a trying day?  why, it is tater tot casserole!

i got this recipe from the hillbilly housewife and only made a few modification.  i sauteed fresh mushroom, spinach and garlic into my ground meat.  i used crispy rounds intead of traditional tater tots, and i let mine cook a little extra, to get more crispy tots.

it was delicious, and mr p and i ate it until we couldn’t stuff in another bite!



About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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