busy busy

i am always challenged by summer.  throwing routines and schedules to the wind does not make me footloose and fancy free.

school has been out here for a few weeks and we haven’t really sorted things out.  right now we seem to alternate between super busy days, and days that are really slow.

this past thursday was a day full of aventure.  we left home early to drive to georgetown for an interview with social security.  an hour through the blinding rain didn’t do much to improve anyone’s disposition, so the boys (the squirm in particular) were politely asked to wait in the car with dad.  i am sure this arrangement was better for everyone.  as you can see, the squirm is happy as a clam to be sitting shotgun (the car is not moving).

phase two was a stop by the elementary school and meet the squirm’s teacher for extended year services (esy).  i have been having lots of anxiety about this new teacher/new school thing, but the squirm seemed ok, so i am optimistic about monday morning (somewhat).

the grand finale involved a new material acquisition.  we have been saving up for a larger vehicle.  i have a toyota rav 4 that i have been driving for quite some time, and love with all my heart, but the squirm’s legs were cramped and i couldn’t fit a big grocery trip’s worth of bags in the back.  i tended to come home with the dog food in the passenger seat and apple juice bottles tucked in to the back seat.  my dad and step-mom were kind enough to help us the last bit and we got our new car!!

it feels wrong to be so excited about a material possession, but i love this car.  the squirm thinks we bought him a large blue playhouse, and he wants to stay and play in the car all day.  people keep teasing me about the color, i guess blue minivans aren’t too common?  this poor car was malingering on the lot, passed over by shoppers, and i am thrilled to give it a new home.  i am thinking his name is nemo.


About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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3 Responses to busy busy

  1. cocomino says:

    It’s a nice car which can contain many people. My car is Matsuda’s Demio.
    It’s a bit small.

  2. Aunt Maggie says:


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