notes from my bookshelf

i will admit to having a weakness for the television show bones.  it started with a slight crush on david boreanaz (because i fell for him in his buffy the vampire slayer days) and grew into an interest in the show.  it is totally something i would watch, i like mysteries.  anyway, the show is based on the series of novels by kathy reichs, and i have been working my way through them.  i think this is the third.

while i enjoy them, they really aren’t anything like the show, which is fine, i just don’t want anyone to be disappointed!  there is a lot more action in the field, and less science in the lab.  so far there is no agent booth, and the novels take place mostly in canada.  still, a good read and i will probably continue reading the series.

i think this is one my mom downloaded.  i found it hard to imagine that this was something she would read, since the protagonist is an army guy.  but, i like to follow through once i start a book, so i read it.  it did transform into something less manly after the first chapter or so, and while i didn’t love it, i was interested in finding out whodunnit!  so, thumbs up in the light mystery category.


i managed to fight the desire to download the second book in the game of thrones series, and start this book that i mentioned in a previous post.  in case you don’t recall, it is the sci-fi/fantasy/mystery mash-up written by le carre’s son.  i don’t think i am far enough into it to really get a sense of what is going on, but i am enjoying the writing style.

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2 Responses to notes from my bookshelf

  1. Lotus says:

    Hey Laura! I too, enjoy Lee Child’s work. I felt the same (army guy?!?), but I enjoyed the story. I didn’t read this book, but I was given #3-#11 in his series. lol! Yeah, I read them all! ; )

    Thank you for these recommendations. I’m always looking for stuff to read. I can read almost anything (no yucky romance or explicit crap), but I favor mystery, thrillers (Dean Koontz!!!) and fantasy.

    Take it easy

    • phrogmom says:

      thanks for reading and commenting!! i might have to check out the others in the series, i did find reacher to be an appealing character! i wonder which one in the series i read…..

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