excitement and postponement

a few weeks ago (has it really been that long?) i mentioned that i had some exciting news!  i guess i didn’t want to mention the subject of said news, without doing some research about it myself.  of course all of this just gave me ample opportunity to avoid posting altogether, and then it got postponed anyway and i was bummed….

anyway, i was excited because the squirt actually made it to the top of the list for ABA!  those of you who know what ABA is, probably know that it is hard to come by, unless you have to ability to pay out-of-pocket for it.

so we were on the list, but had no idea how long it might take to get to the top!  i was pleasantly surprised when our number came up sooner than i anticipated!  the lady called and set us up for an appointment for an intake the following week!  this was all very exciting, but she ALSO said that since she is coming all the way out to the country to see us, that if i applied for the squirm, she could maybe get him bumped up the list and see them both back to back!  WOW!

unfortunately, the ABA therapist called the morning of our appointment and had to postpone for reasons of  paperwork and hoop jumping.

i found it very disappointing, and my headachey, depressed self felt more set back that was really warranted. we only had to wait a few weeks after all.  i was so just so looking forward to making progress towards….making progress?

anyway, the good news is that our day is up again this coming monday!  woohooo!

i have been looking around on facebook to find a friend who has first hand experience with ABA to do a guest post here, and the same goes for any of my readers that have thoughts they want to share.  not to promote of criticize it, but to learn more!




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4 Responses to excitement and postponement

  1. Here’s hoping everything works out with ABA. We have been lucky to have our twins in ABA off and on for the past few years. It’s made a huge difference. We started a blog at itsawunderfullife.wordpress.com. Best of luck and thx for blogging about autism. Blogs made a huge difference for me when our twins got diagnosed.

  2. hakea says:

    Hi phrogmom

    Have a good look into it and make sure it’s good for the kids and you. I don’t want to bum you out any further but Mr Skinner’s theories are not highly regarded in some circles anymore. Make sure the kids are going to be given the respect and care you would expect, and not treated like lab rats or performing seals.

    I am attending a course at the moment facilitated by Dr Kent Hoffman from the US, and he speaks highly of Dr Stanley Greenspan’s work and DIR http://www.ctccenter.com/Pages/DIRModelGuidelines.html.

    Narelle xox

    • phrogmom says:

      thanks for your input! fortunately i will be present at all the sessions, so i will be able to see how the kids are treated, etc…i’ll keep you posted!

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