best laid plans

some of you know, i was super excited about a class my mom and i were signed up for this past saturday!  all week i was fantasizing about getting away for a few hours of creative adult time.

it all started off smoothly, it was a sunny day, the kids were happy to stay home with mr p and play in the yard.  i was off to meet my mom with a bag of old towels and wool fleecy bits.

we didn’t quite make it into austin before i managed vomit all over myself, the old towels, my phone, and my mom’s new car!

ew.  needless to say, without the boys, i wasn’t anticipating ending up covered in bodily fluids and had no extra clothes.  if i had been flying solo on this mission, i would certainly have opted to abort and this point and run for home.  but, we persevered.  yoga pants, a t-shirt, and a new bra were acquired at walmart, baby wipes were deployed, and we were on our way.

due to some kind of mayhem on s congress, our slightly late arrival went unnoticed and we were soon selecting materials from fuzzy bits we found around the room.

<—— i thought this fleece looked particularly owly, although my bff commented on my facebook photo, saying it looked like a pile of dead muskrats.

i didn’t let that deter me, and proceeded to fluff, separate, pile, wet, soap, and agitate my selected fleece into submission!

four hours later we emerged with our soggy creations (and some felting needles for later) and headed for home.  despite staying for an extra hour, neither mom nor i (is that grammatically correct?) were able to complete our birds, but we are armed with the materials to do so this week.

my guy still needs stuffing and wings, and maybe feet.  my mom is making a buzzard, who is coming along nicely.  hopefully she will send me a photo when he is complete so i can share it here.

i made it the rest of the day without anymore sickness (although i felt queasy for a good 24 hours, and maybe still do… a little) and although it was hard to overcome my desire to crawl into bed with the covers over my head, i am glad i made it to the class.  i got some good ideas for future art projects.  (felted buttons in the shapes of bones for skeleton doll clothes?)




About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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3 Responses to best laid plans

  1. Lian says:

    This looks great! I love how younslways post about your new creations. I’m curious about what the next one will be 🙂

  2. tree girl says:

    Crikey! The thought of dead muskrats made me feel a bit queasy.

    It’s good that you persevered. Another skill you can add to you repertoire.

  3. Glad you were able to do the class…great feeling of accomplishment! Sorry you were so ill…what a trooper you are. 🙂

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