what a week!

i can’t put my finger on why, but the week was a whirlwind….i feel like i haven’t had time to take a breath, yet i didn’t really do anything…hmph.

we were blessed with some amazing weather and the kids got to spend quite a bit of time playing in the back yard.  the squirm is getting quite adventurous on the swing set!

i also was able to complete the skeleton gender re-assignment procedure.  i actually think the skelly in question was male all along, it was me that had it wrong.  irregardless, he has gone to live with a super cute young man in bertram, texas.

bread production continues, and i made my first “rustic” loaf this week, meaning i just piled it on the baking sheet, instead of a pan.  tasty, but somewhat floppy.

i think my headaches are improving….but i have felt extra worn out all week.  apparently this is a side effect of the calcium channel blockers and should subside in a week or so.  *yawn* i sure hope so!



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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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8 Responses to what a week!

  1. Excellent skellington reassignment, hopefully he & his young man can serenade one another with the happier works from A. E. Housman’s œuvre. Hope the headaches cease, I’ve been struggling with a wracking cough for almost 2 weeks.

  2. Take care of yourself. 🙂 Sorry about the headaches…but the bread sounds divine! I used to bake bread several times a week when my kids were small…they loved helping and I would let them help measure and mix…and then each got their own small piece to knead and bake…so they each had their own little loaf of bread…kind of a roll. 🙂
    I’m part of a linky that does Picture Book reviews every Friday…come visit my blog and you will be able to click on the Perfect Picture Book Friday button and see LOTS of other picture book (and craft) recommendations.
    Also, have you posted a comment about the books you are reading with your little ones? I’m doing a 2012 PPP Challenge for parents to read every day with their kids…a picture book will be awarded every month to one lucky commenter.

    • phrogmom says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I have been struggling with the reading challenge. For some reason the boys don’t like to bed read to! Could it be related to autism or sensory issues? I so want to read with them because I love picture books but they either ignore me altogether or rip the books out of my hands! Help?

  3. hakea says:

    I do a one week cycle because my 6 year old is not used to a three week cycle.

    I have a basket into which I put the story of the week, a card game, a puzzle, a wooden toy, and some oil pastels and art journal. The things in the basket are his focus objects for the week. When he needs quieter activities I direct him to the basket.

    So I read him the same story as often as I can for a week. He can ask for other stories to be read to him but he tends not to. It’s amazing what the kids can get out of the stories when they are read often. They can act them out, they can be told instead of read, they can be changed, they are brought into play and other parts of the day.

    Now the Waldorf people would not put a puzzle in the basket. They say young kids should not be separating things and being logical, they should be looking at things which are whole and playful. Up to the age of 9 I think. But all my kids loved puzzles – they have the maths gene.

    They would also say you should be aiming to tell stories rather than read them. And you tell the same story for three weeks.

    I’ll get some links for you.

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