wooooo, i made it through another week alive!  i made several more loaves of bread.  including this fluffy loaf of honey wheat oat flax bread (yeah, i am adding stuff with abandon).

i am currently mixing up a garlic herb parmesan flax wheat pizza crust….it smells like heaven!  i am planning to wing it with some kind of veggie salami pizza….i think it could be good.

i finally finished up la serenita muerte, and sent it off to my friend erica in time for her birthday.  i can’t wait to see a picture of the painting in its new home!

i got my doll website up and lightly underway.  i guess i need to keep working on keeping it updated.

i have been suffering from some major headaches lately, and went back to the doc again today to check in.  i have some new things to try, so i am optimistic that my disposition will return to a sunnier state. 

we had a couple of amazing spring-like days, and then some kind of artic front moved in.  the boys have dared creep out to the porch for a minute or two, but haven’t risked the freezing sandbox.  i hope it warms up a little soon so we can get back out there!




About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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4 Responses to domesticity

  1. hakea says:

    it’s all looking rather good!

    amazing bread combos. the skeleton mermaid turned out great. nice website, fine looking dobie.

    i’m going to teach myself to knit, and i’m going to try my hand at making little farm animals. just waiting on the book to arrive. you might like this waldorf style magazine that i found out about recently

    i hope things work out for you with the headaches and the weather.

    i’ll be over for my slice of pizza shortly.

    love to you and the family.

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