i haven’t posted anything about this yet, i think i am still processing my feelings, but some that know me, know that the squirt went in for his first appointment with a developmental pediatrician and came out with a diagnosis of moderate/severe autism.  just for reference, his big brother’s diagnosis was mild/moderate.

with any diagnosis, there is the mandatory ruling out of physical problems with the brain.  they do a blood test, an EEG, a hearing test, and an MRI.  we had our eeg yesterday morning.  i was anxious about it, because the squirt isn’t really liking going anywhere new lately, and an eeg takes almost an hour, during which the child has to hold still and not rip the electrodes off his head.

he was a pretty good sport.  he didn’t like the parking garage or the waiting room AT ALL, but seemed to settle down once they put the gauze wrap on his head over his electrodes.  maybe the pressure felt good?  plus, they let him watch toy story on my phone during the test.

our next test is in two weeks and is a hearing test.  if they can’t get him to do it awake, then he will have the same sedated hearing test that the squirm had, and they will do the mri at the same time.



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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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7 Responses to testing….testing…..

  1. lesleehare says:

    Hi, Sweetie! Thank you so much for stopping by, I’m so happy to hear from you!. So I came here to see what you’d been up to, and had to gasp… We went through this. I think it was the longest 24 hours of my life, but not as gut-wrenching as watching L be put under general anesthesia for an MRI. I’ll be sending you good thoughts! If it helps, keep in mind that anything is possible, even miracles. They thrive on our faith in them and our love for them. 😀
    Email me privately if you need someone to talk to – lesleehare@gmail.com

  2. hakea says:

    The waiting and testing must be difficult.

    You are an awesome mum regardless of the labels your kid’s are given, because you go to the heart of who they are and you are not afraid to expand and stretch them. Your huge love for your kids will get them and you through any challenge. Your humour and ability to look at the funny and positive side of everything provides a good model for your kids.

    How’s the squirm’s artwork going?

    • phrogmom says:

      you know, i would actually be surprised if they found anything, so i don’t expect it. i guess what i hate most is stressing out the babies. you are so nice to call me a great mom! i always feel like i should be doing more, but what i know for sure is that i love them to the ends of the earth!

      the squirm hasn’t been doing much art lately, i think he was off schedule with being home for the holidays. i keep offering the art supplies, but he hasn’t been interested!

      • hakea says:

        There’s a speaker in the US named Lynn Jericho. I’ve been following her stuff a lot lately. She says “Love is the answer. What’s the question?”.

        I’ve also been following the Waldorf forums, and they say that they relate to the child as a spiritual being. Kind of changes the focus, I think.

        Mum’s always feel that they should be doing more.

      • phrogmom says:

        i am interested in waldorf education. we have a waldorf school that is about an hour away, i wonder how it would work for the boys.

  3. hakea says:

    I gather that all of the schools are different because they are run independently.

    I am really enjoying everything written by Marsha Johnson, also known as Mrs M. Her website is here http://www.magicofwaldorf.com/. Her products are inexpensive and her wisdom is illuminating. You can also join Mrs M’s yahoo group for free http://groups.yahoo.com/group/waldorfhomeeducators. There are 3000 members there, and Mrs M advises moderation, love, and care there. Some Waldorf people can be quite fanatical and impractical. If there is something I want to know, I do an advanced search on the topic and put Mrs M’s user name (anthro_pop) as the author, and the most wonderful writings come up. And she loves art!

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