Weekly photo challenge: winter?


We are outside barefoot in the sandbox in January!!


About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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3 Responses to Weekly photo challenge: winter?

  1. hakea says:

    Where’s the snow? (hehe)

    I love how kids get so consumed with play they don’t feel things like cold, hunger, pain. They just do it!

  2. phrogmom says:

    well, it is 78 degrees today!

    • hakea says:

      that’s 25 degrees celsius.

      that’s not winter!

      we are mid-summer and we haven’t got that today, but then the weather is a bit on the blink, doesn’t know whether it’s summer or winter – 17 degrees celsius one day, 40 the next, sometimes in the one day.

      enjoy, whatever the weather!

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