someone else is taking an art class!

i thought that it could be really great to get the squirm signed up for an art class this fall.  he is free in the mornings, and loves making art.  there were a few skeptics out there, but i persevered and he started on tuesday morning.

the harmony school (in town) has recently added visual art classes to their catalog.  we know all about their music program, because that is where mr p teaches piano.  i really wanted to take a few summer classes there, but they had trouble finding enough students.

i was nervous about how the squirm would react to a class, but it turns out he is the only student, which i am sure reduces his stress (and convinces me the teacher is some kind of saint).

he had a great time!  he loved ms. ann and the art monkey!  definitely a successful experiment!

the only problem i experienced was corralling the squirt, who was not at all helpful.  don’t let this picture fool you.  he was resting in between attempts to dump all of his brother’s paints on the floor.

we finally ended up going out front and playing in the dirt in the flower beds.  i will have to come up with a better strategy for next week.  maybe i will pack the stroller and we will go for a walk!

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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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1 Response to someone else is taking an art class!

  1. Art is always appealing to these precious little ones. Good for him!

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