back in the classroom

i had my bags packed long before mr p made it home to take over for me.  supplies, sketch book, water bottle, ham sandwich…. a girl has got to eat right?

in a carefully orchestrated hand-off, mr p dashed in the door as i dashed out, headed for the big city and children’s book illustration.

my first stop was  burnet, to meet up with my friend shawnty. she is taking a painting class that meets at the same time as my class!  so we can carpool!

this has several advantages for me.  1.  i don’t have to make the drive alone.  2.  i get to spend two hours with another adult!  having adult conversation!  and shawnty is awesome too, so i am glad to get to hang with her.

we made it to laguna gloria in an hour, and headed for our respective classes!  the grounds are amazing and there was this little augmentation at the fountain that made me feel right at home.  ribbit.

there are 6 students in my class, all with really interesting life stories.  it is amazing that such diverse paths can get people take to the same place!

the teacher is really great, lots of info, and a professional in the field.  that means he actually knows what connections we need to make and that kind of yucky but practical stuff that comes after the artsy part.  you can check out his blog here, if you want to learn more about him, or about illustrating children’s books!

most of last night’s class was consumed with background info and introductions…i’ll admit that i was getting a little fidgety, as i was craving “a little less conversation, a little more action.” (to quote the king)  it was interesting stuff, not at all wasted info, but i am so out of practice for sitting through a lecture!

for the final half hour we had a quick illustration challenge, where were given the text for some classic fairy tales and asked to do a quick sketch of a page.  i had the three billy goats gruff 🙂

we had a good time looking at everyone’s work, and i think we were all getting a little giddy by the end.  i know i for one was giddy enough just being out past my bedtime!  next time we start painting!  i can hardly wait to get some watercolor/illustration instruction!!


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