insane in the membrane

i am sorry ya’ll, i have been running around like a loco and haven’t had time to do much online.  the sewing thing is kicking my butt!  but, i do think i am learning!  i spent LOTS of time today with my seam ripper.

i made a sea sprite, and a friend did warn me that the problem with using different knits is that they all have differing amounts of stretch….as you can see here, stretch sea sprite went way past his target height.  he was supposed to be 16″, but ended up over 24″, throwing off the head/body proportions.

fortunately the squirm was happy to adopt stretch as his newest buddy.  so i started over 🙂

i can use the extra practice.

sea sprite part two went well.  he isn’t completely symmetrical, but who is?  right?

so my next challenge is to make some clothes for this little guy.  i went out and bought some orange fabrics (because sea sprite’s new friend loves orange).

i set out to make some shorts…and fell a little short.  but i learned some things and i think i can now whip up a pair that actually have elastic.

do to an unfortunate accident with my morning coffee, the rest of the orange fabric was not immediately available, so i couldn’t get right back on the shorts horse.  instead i decided to tackle the removeable tail!

i have to say that i am pretty pleased with the tail.  it took FOREVER!  i think my sewing machine is slow.  i really wanted the stitching to look like it was sketched on?  and it really does, especially in the tail.  and i used silver thread, so it is sparkly!


About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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